Nov 6, 2011

Landscape Photography at Boston Jamaica Pond

Since the first time I saw this tree in the middle of Jamaica Pond I have been fascinated by it. My wife and I sometimes walk around the pond for a stroll and I often thought about how to capture this tree at its most beautiful. I never succeeded or even really tried since the shoreline behind is covered with the boat house and residential buildings. In 2009 though, on a foggy and misty morning in Boston, I decided to make my way over to the Boston Arnold Arboretum for a photo excursion. When I turned the keys to start up my car that morning I already knew that I was in for a special landscape photography treat. When driving up the road leading to Jamaica Pond I saw heavy fog across the pond. Excitement immediately rose and a smile crossed my lips. While finally turning around the corner to the main pond road the perfect picture arose out of fog. Best of all there was no distracting background. I instantly made a u-turn to park the car, pulled out my tripod from the trunk and walked down to the shoreline and followed the dirt path around the pond looking for the best composition. I didn't need to walk far and only a few joggers passed me on that early morning. I set-up the tripod, composed my image off center to include the tree reflection and part of the tree-lined shoreline. The focal length was set between 28 and 35mm, aperture setting was f/5.6 resulting in a shutter speed of 1/15 sec. Once I knew I had my image I took a deep breath of joy and moved on to my original destination, the Boston Arnold Arboretum.

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