Feb 27, 2011

Macro Photography near the Bish Bash Waterfalls

On my last trip to Western Massachusetts I stopped to photograph the Bish Bash waterfalls. Although it is usually a beautiful photo destination for capturing waterfalls with surrounding flora in autumn colors, on this morning I was not finding the pictures I had in mind. Once I covered the ground at the bottom of the falls I started to make my way up to the top to explore that area through my lens. Unfortunately there was not much to explore there either. Rather disappointed I started to make my way back to the car and while crossing a little brook I stumbled upon this mushroom on a tree stump. Instantly I realized this day saver photo opportunity and tried various perspectives. I settled on a view that beautifully isolated the mushroom and tree trunk against the background. I lowered my tripod to mushroom level to achieve the composition I had in mind. An overcast and cloudy sky provided excellent conditions for macro photography. A polarizing filter minimized the glare on the mushroom tips and saturated the forest greens. The aperture in this macro fungi photograph was set to f/6.3 that resulted in a 0.8 seconds of exposure time. In the post processing steps I made adjustments to lighting and color before sharpening the final image.