Feb 2, 2011

Flower Fine Art Photography

This photo shows another typical set up at home when I am photographing flowers. I often use a white or black background to keep it simple and eliminate any disturbing distractions in the background. In our example here I used a black cardboard as the backdrop, which also added elegance and made the yellow orchid flowers really pop. I prefer to set up my close up photo studio next to our dining room window because it provides beautiful lighting for my flower photography during the morning hours. In addition I like to use white cardboards to enhance the light and direct the light towards the floral when it is facing away from the window. I always use hardcover books to stabilize and minimize any unwanted shaking or movement of the flower. Additionally the books make it easy to adjust the height of the flower when a different perspective or angle is more desirable. I prefer the books over fiddling around with the tripod because mine is not equipped with a center column.

I often adjust the white boards to explore the impact on the lighting and better control the light on the flower. It is a little bit of a learning curve but adjusting the light with the white boards is a great learning experience for us photographers. It often leads to more inspirational and beautiful photographs. In the final close-up photograph of the yellow orchid floral I positioned the flower in the best possible way so that there were no other distracting branches or flowers in the composition. I also composed the three main Orchid flowers in a diagonal way. The fourth one in the back provides the viewer with a bridge back to the first blooming Orchid. The aperture was set to f/7.1 providing an exposure time of 0.8/second. An ISO50 setting minimized noise. In the post processing steps I removed dust, minimally adjusted brightness, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the image of the orchid.