Feb 5, 2011

The Art of Flower Photography published by Apogee Photo Magazine

Learn from my photography magazine article "The Art of Flower Photography" on how to create beautiful macro floral and abstract flower photographs with your camera as I guide you through my photography work process in a case study of Easter Lilies published by Apogee Photo Magazine.



  1. Excellent article full of detailed, helpful information for photographers! I find the sensual nature of floral photography to be absolutely fascinating. Particulary the abstract aspect of it...art and nature, mimicking life?:) Another very good article. I am impressed. Glad I stopped by here this morning, Jeurgen. I asked you to shoot me an email and then realized my email address, wasn't on my profile. It's there now.;-) Take care!

  2. I am psyched about the article and sharing it with the readers of Apogee Photo Magazine, my friends and followers. Thanks for stopping by and reading it ... glad you like it and find it useful! I was looking in my inbox, on flickr and Mike's forum for your email but couldn't locate it ... now I know where to look :-)

  3. Thanks so much for your comment on my article about Flower photography S.P. ... glad you like it and the photos!