Mar 20, 2010

Monthly Photo Tip - March 2010

I am always on the lookout of ways to minimize camera vibration during exposure that may result in low quality and blurry images. One of the widely available camera gadgets is the self-timer. I regularly use this feature when shooting in low light conditions or with long telephoto lenses that require long exposure times. I got so used to it that I almost always use it when I photograph still life. Even when using a tripod pressing the shutter release button may cause significant enough camera shaking to blur photographs. The one accessible solution that every camera provides is the camera self-timer. The self-timer starts counting after the release button is pressed all the way through. A ten second delay is most common and allows the camera to stabilize on your tripod (or other support gear) before the shutter is released and the photo is taken; thereby minimizing camera vibration and optimizing image quality and sharpness.

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