Mar 20, 2010

At Home

Last weekend New England was hit with record pouring rain. Although a big fan of heading out during rain storms to photograph I skipped it this time. Nature was still in transition from winter to spring providing mostly gray hues. Instead I made my way over to a local flower shop to see what they had for me. I found a few bundles of Gerber daisies that showed potential for floral photography. I was planning to shoot the flowers over black so I stopped in a local Staples to buy some black card boards. Back home I started out with some single flower arrangements and while capturing "Flower over Black" I happened to notice a little opening that would allow me to get close and focus straight into the Gerber. I instantly went into macro mode. I moved my tripod and camera into a couple of inches of the flower's reach and started composing. The aperture setting of f/5.6 and the 80mm macro lens setting provided me with the shallow depth of field I had in mind. I adjusted the polarizer filter for maximum elimination of reflections and to saturate the red and yellow hues in the floral image. Once satisfied I let the self-timer get to work while I was counting till 10. During post processing I applied minimal auto contrast adjustment and lastly sharpened the image.