Mar 28, 2010

At the Boston Arnold Arboretum

Last December, after one of those monstrous northeaster New England snowstorms I headed out to the Boston Arnold Arboretum for some pristine winter photography. I first spent a couple of hours photographing snow covered redwoods, brooks and abstract shadows of trees. In the end a couple of unusually large birch trees caught my attention and I waded through the snow to get a closer look. Although, in the end unsuccessful at composing a pleasing image of them, these trees led me to my next objects; small trees right next to a beautiful snowed in brook. I first composed around three tree trunks but then settled on only two that enhanced the composition in my opinion. I focused on the tree in the foreground, leaving the one in the background out of focus. Not quite happy with the resulting images I decided on a more abstract composition, using a macro out of focus approach. I choose a 50mm lens setting and set the aperture to f/6.3. I then moved the tripod and camera to access the impact on the depth of field and composition. Once happy with the abstract and the out of focus adjustments I released the shutter at 1/100 seconds.

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