Feb 9, 2010

In Brookline

Last weekend I found a couple of beautiful orchids that were on sale in my local grocery store. It took quite some time to choose the right ones based on their photographic potential. I love orchids and they always cheer up our home; very much appreciated throughout the cold New England winters! When I photograph flowers inside I usually place the floral near a window where optimal natural light is provided. Usually the morning light streaming through our dining room windows works well for me. In this photograph I placed the flowers on a chair and adjusted the level by placing a couple of books under the orchids to match them to the camera level. Once satisfied with the orchids and camera level I played around with the backdrop. I usually use a foam board, one side blue and the other white. This morning the natural light illuminated the orchids beautifully. Placing the backdrop behind the flowers even enhanced the effect of illumination. In this floral photograph I focused on the lip of the orchid and re-adjusted the frame to the original composition. I used the camera self-timer to minimize camera movement. This also allowed me to focus on the backdrop adjustment for optimal illumination of the orchids. During post processing I made minor adjustments to lighting, saturated colors and applied sharpening to the image. 

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  1. Exquisite image Juergen. Love the transparency and subtle color within the orchids and then their contrast against the dark background, along with the subtleties of the stem and buds merging into the darkness.

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment ... I am glad you like it Ally! My best, Juergen