Feb 8, 2010

At Hall's Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

The photograph of the maple tree was taken during a project that I initiated to get out of a photography slump. I didn’t feel the inspiration and decided to visit the near by wildlife sanctuary Hall’s Pond. I visited regularly and photographed for a complete year cycle. It was a wonderful experience because I really got to know the place and I encountered many things over the year that might have gone unseen. I made it a habit to arrive early at Hall's Pond, having the place usually for myself. Another great benefit was to learn about the flora and fauna of the sanctuary. In the end I knew where birds were nesting and resting. During that time I still shot film and I remember the excitement every time I picked up the developed prints from my lab. One of my favorites and many others is this bright red maple tree. That fall morning I entered the wildlife sanctuary, walked along the beautiful boardwalk looking for a heron that usually stalks the banks, hunts for fish in the marshy, grassy areas or just rests in the shrubs and trees along the pond. Since the heron was nowhere in sight I continued along the boardwalk. When I was just under that maple tree I looked around and finally up to see if the heron was in one of the trees. Instead of finding the heron this day I was blown away by this bright red color of maple tree in its peak autumn colors. I set up camera and tripod to compose the frame, using a wide angle lens. I slightly underexposed the image and used a polarizing filter that limited the blow out of the leaves and brought out the autumn glow as well as the blue sky. Once ready to click, I fired away multiple rounds. Because of windy conditions I was crossing my fingers, hoping to capture one or two sharp and high quality images of this beautiful array of fall colors at its best.

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