Feb 21, 2010

At Home

Yesterday I took another shot at the orchids that I bought a couple of weeks ago. They make great photo objects and the fact that they bloom for a few weeks is awesome. In this floral macro photograph I used indirect backlight from the sun streaming through the windows for a more attractive natural lighting. Backlight makes for great and enhanced flower photography but the drawback is an underexposed front. I improved the lighting in the center of the orchid by using another white cardboard directing passing sunlight into the inside. As a backdrop I used white cardboard that I placed 10 through 15 inches behind the orchid to ensure it stays out of focus when I release the shutter. Once tightly composed I release the shutter bracketing the image in 1/2 stops. I used the 1/2 overexposed image in the digital darkroom process since this one provided the best quality of light in the center of the orchid. In the post-processing I applied minor adjustments to saturation, light and lastly sharpened the image.