Jan 18, 2010

Monthly Photo Tip - January 2010

Tips for better sharpness in your photographs:

1. Use a solid tripod with head or use other supporting gear to minimize image blurriness.

2. Keep your elbows close to your chest to support camera stability when shooting handheld.

3. Use a remote or cable release. If none handy use the self-timer on your camera.

4. Don't use cheap filters that may compromise the sharpness of your image.

5. Shoot in continuous mode or take lots of photos in difficult and windy conditions.

6. Switch to manual focus instead of auto-focus to find the correct focus point.

7. Choose the right aperture and shutter speed setting. Increase your ISO setting if shutter speed is too low.

8. Find your sharp aperture lens f-stop setting. Do some test shots to determine this setting.

9. Carefully use your noise reduction software since it may "fix" small details in your pictures.

10. Sharpen your images in the end of your work-flow.

 cityscapes art



  1. Thank you Juergen, and for your help with my pink photos x

  2. Thanks for commenting Beth .. glad I could help! My best, Juergen

  3. Juergen, this tulip picture is perfect. I'm going to try some flower photo's this spring. Thanks for the tips they will really help me. Thank you!!

  4. I am glad you like the picture and find my tips helpful ... thanks Julie and good luck!