Jan 4, 2010

At Boston Arnold Arboretum

Today was my first photo excursion of the new decade. I decided to visit one of I my favorite nearby spots, the Boston Arnold Arboretum. I was not exactly sure what to expect after a 48 hour snow storm with 8 inches of snow since the storm ended yesterday. Nevertheless it turned out to be a very successful photo trip, taking 59 photographs, keeping 23 that I will share later in the week. The two bamboo photographs are very appealing to me and they were captured on my way out of the arboretum. At that point my hands and feet were deeply frozen after 2 hours of wandering through the park. I was looking forward to getting into my car and heading home for a nice cup of coffee to warm up. Turns out I was not quite there yet. The bamboo grove just jumped out of nowhere and I could not pass up this opportunity under any circumstances. I scouted the hillside for interesting compositions in the bamboo grove and finally succeeded when I found what I was looking for. I set up my gear and started shooting when my left leg slid fully away sending me down the hill for a couple of yards. At least the tripod and camera stayed dry and in place this time. I climbed back up and completed shooting. Regardless of the circumstances and difficulties of the shooting I am glad that I stopped at the bamboo grove to capture "Ballerina", the last image of today's trip.


  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing the others. I sure wish we had snow. This is the most pathetic North Idaho winter in a long time...

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Beth and Linda ... glad you like them! We just got hammered with a 48 hour snow storm here in New England ... only 8 inches around Boston but Maine got a feet or two. I am sure we will be sick and tired of the snow soon ... not me though ... nothing else to take pictures of! My best, Juergen