Jan 16, 2010

At Singing Beach

This morning I went to singing beach at Manchester by the Sea on Cape Ann. It's called singing beach since the sand makes a noise underfoot - more like a squeak than singing though. It is one of the best beaches in Massachusetts and one of my personal favorites. I trusted my inner clock instead of setting my alarm and jumped out of bed at 5:35 am. Ten minutes later I started the car and was on my way. As usual I missed my turn and had to take some back roads to find my way back. The sky was already lighting up and I was worried that I would miss the morning show by only minutes. Luckily I gave myself some extra time and I arrived at singing beach just on time. The sky was turning purple and orange just in front of me and I captured the sunrise in its full beauty. While I was clicking away some folks were walking their dogs and some just took an early walk on the beach; enjoying the morning their own way. Once the sun peaked through the horizon I focused more on the shore and massive rocks out in the water. The morning light painted them golden and red while keeping others still in the shade; little areas of snow became visible too. There is something so calming and relaxing when you witness day come to life ... just another perfect morning. Life is good!