Feb 20, 2017

Now that the Light is Fading - New England Sunset Photography from the Charles River in Dover, MA

Beautiful New England sunset photography from the Charles River in Dover Massachusetts
Beautiful New England sunset photo from the Charles River in Dover, MA
I don't think I have ever seen a sunrise or sunset that I did not like. In fact it is one of my preferred times to be on location and photograph Mother Nature at its best. No difference a couple nights ago when I made my was over to the Charles River in Dover Massachusetts. There is a bridge that spans the Charles River and I just arrived in time when the light was most dramatic and the cloudscape caught some fire. The snow banks on the side of the road were still high and I made my way one step at a time through the deep snow to the edge of the bridge. Ones I found my spot I quickly set up and started shooting the sunset magic in front of me. There was no time to change lenses and I figured the Canon 16-35mm on the 5D Mark IV was my best choice to capture the beautiful scenery any ways. I used a split Neutral Density filter to balance the light better between the darker foreground features in the landscape and river against the bright evening sunset light. 

An aperture setting of f/22 provided a shutter speed of 1/3 of a second at ISO100. During post processing I adjusted shadows, highlights, brightness, contrast and color saturation before removing photo imperfection and sharpening the final image of "Now that the Light is Fading".

Good light and happy photo making! 



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