Feb 18, 2017

New England Winter Photography at Mill Pond in Ashland, MA

Mill Pond Ashland Massachusetts
New England Winter at Mill Pond in Ashland, MA

After the last Nor'easter dumping 1-2 feet of snow across New England I decided to head out to a location that I actually had on my photography bucket list for Fall Foliage Photography but haven't been able to stop there last autumn. Mill Pond in Ashland, MA has a couple run-offs that suit themselves to be incorporated as interesting foreground elements and leading the viewer into the surrounding landscape. The morning after the snowstorm I spontaneously decided to make the short drive over as I imagined a beautiful winter wonderland. Mill Pond did not disappoint! To my delight the small parking area was already plowed and instantly took the question mark out of the equation. The side walk wasn't and I stumbled through deep snow to set up tripod and gear. The use of the Canon 16-35mm Mark III allowed to include as much as possible of the gentle waterfalls into the composition while capturing the snow covered pond, trees and much of the fast moving. At some point the sun peaked through the sky and lighting the entire scenery in warmer and lighter hues.

An exposure time of 1/20 of a second for this Massachusetts winter photography image was based on a f/22 aperture setting at ISO400. The exposure time allowed some of the overflowing water turning into silky water effect while the landscape and cloudscape was rather frozen.

During post-processing I adjusted highlights and shadows, lighting, contrast and color saturation in moderation before removing dust spots and sharpening the final image of New England Winter.         

Good light and happy photo making!



New England winter photography at Mill Pond in Ashland, MA
New England winter photography at Mill Pond in Ashland Massachusetts

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