Nov 1, 2016

Floral Whipped Cream

During my last photo trip to Maine Acadia National Park I finally dedicated some time to visit and explore the magical Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor. Boy, what an understatement. The garden is such a beauty and inspiration. It is a paradise to get lost at as a flower photography but also to find peace and quietude. 

Lots of flowers were surprisingly still in full bloom making for great subjects. An overcast sky supported the quest for better Flower Photography at this garden

When visiting Thuya Garden make sure to bring your tripod to steady camera gear. A polarizing filter boosts colors of the flowers and eliminates any unwanted glare on leaves and petals. I usually photograph at the lowest ISO setting to minimize camera noise. A large aperture (small f/stop setting like f/5.6 and smaller) provides a shallow depth of field that isolates the blossom from a distracting background thereby making for greater Flower Photos.

Good light and happy photo making!


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