Nov 26, 2016

Experience Cape Cod Sunsets at Day Ends

I regularly visit the beaches of Cape Cod Bay for sunset photography. Needless to say sunsets never disappoint here. No difference on one of my latest trips where I photographed at Skaket Beach. This was a new beach and it took a bit of time and exploring before settling on a pleasing composition. I finally succeeded when I found some nice beach grass leading into the picture. While the sun was nearing the horizon colors in the sky exploded. A saturated blue with clouds colored in pink and orange dominated the sky. The spectacle was beautifully reflected in the Cape Cod Bay and beach. I used a split ND filter to balance the bright sunset sky with the darker foreground directly in front of me. Aperture setting was f/14 providing a shutter speed of 1/2 a second at ISO100. During routine post processing I adjusted lighting, contrast, color saturation before removing imperfections and sharpening the final Cape Cod photography image of Day Ends.

Good light and happy photo making!


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