Jan 12, 2016

Behind the New England Photo Image: Rhode Island Fall Foliage Photography


Taking the Photo:

Last year, the fall foliage arrived very late into the season and one of my last photo tours let me to Rhode Island Stepstone Falls. On my way to southern New England I came across this little pond. Fall colors were peaking, fog was rising from the waters and the early sunlight was painting the autumn foliage in beautiful hues. There was no way I would have passed on this scenic photography opportunity. I pulled over, scouted the pond for an attractive foreground that provides depth to the Nature Photography image and then patiently waited for the sun to hit the tress at the right angle. Equipped with a Canon Wide Angle Lens and camera, I adjusted the split density filter to balance the darker foreground with the bright autumn colors and sky. Once the lighting and moment was right I capture my vision.

Post Processing:

I like to keep the post processing to a minimum and always strive to capture the best possible Image on Location. My routine post  processing work flow is therefore very limited and allows me to head out more often to enjoy the outdoors photographing nature. For this picture I removed dust spots and imperfections, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final autumn photography image  "Rhode Island Morning Bliss".

Good light and happy photo making!



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