Jan 3, 2016

Behind the Cape Ann Seascape Photography Image Shades of Blue


Taking the Photograph:

Last year, late in December I made the 45 minute journey from Brookline to Manchester by the Sea on Cape Ann. This quaint New England fishing town has one of the most beautiful beaches in Massachusetts. The beach is called Singing Beach because of it squeaky noise it makes when one walks the sand. Arriving in the wee hours just minutes before sunrise allowed me to immediately make my way over to cliff and the beach area where the rocks are facing the daily surf. I imagined having the boulders incorporated as an attractive foreground feature that provides scale and interest to the viewer. I started photographing the sunrise a little bit earlier before the predicted sunrise time to capture the sun just seconds after passing the horizon, exactly how I imagined to convey the ultimate outdoor experience: quietude, beauty and sheer joy.

Post Processing:

During my routine process post  processing work flow I first cleaned up the image from dust spots and imperfections. I then minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final seascape photography image  "Shades of Blue".

Good light and happy photo making!


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