May 11, 2015

Story & Technique Behind the Image: Brookline Coolidge Corner Pierce Building

Brookline Coolidge Corner is famous for many iconic institutions like the independent book store Brookline Booksmith, the art deco style Coolidge Corner Theater, the buzzing Coolidge Corner arts Festival, the best falafel in Boston at Rami's, sandwiches Zaftig Delicatessen, icecream at JP Licks or for a great burger at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse to only name a few. 

The most iconic and famous landmark is the S.S. Pierce building at Coolidge Corner right at the busy intersection of Harvard Street and Beacon Street. The clock tower always stands out and I often mistake it as a full moon on a clear night. Last week I ventured out destined to capture the Pierce Building in a new light. Before dawn I positioned tripod and camera and awaited the magic of twilight. Traffic was minimal and no issue. An aperture of f/8 provided a 4 second exposure time at ISO200. During post processing I removed dust spots, adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final image of Brookline Coolidge Corner Pierce Building.

Good light and happy photo making!


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