May 20, 2015

Story & Technique Behind the Image: Boston Night

Opposite of Boston downtown and its financial district across the Boston Harbor is East Boston. East Boston provides tremendous Boston Skyline Views from where one can admire the skyline and the many boats crossing the Boston harbor. Using water reflections in a composition to lead a viewer into and through a picture is a very effective compositional element. In this latest night photography image I used this feature to guide the viewer into the Boston cityscape and towards its historic architecture landmark of the Custom House of Boston. Clear blue sky made for a picture perfect photography night out with a beautiful skyline reflection.

Aperture in this image was f/14 with an exposure time of 30 seconds at ISO100. During my routine image processing steps in Photoshop I removed dust spots, adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final  Boston Night photography image.
Good light and happy photo making!


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