May 9, 2014

Creative Photo Tip: Capturing the day to day in an unusual different way 

A technique to photograph the day to day in an unusual different way is called intentional camera movement. Intentional camera movement or ICM is a photographic effect where the camera is rotated or moved in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical direction while photographing a static object. The camera can be hand-held or mounted on a tripod when performing the actual camera movement. I usually prefer using my tripod for best Photography Results

The right combination of shutter speed, aperture setting and ISO setting will produce the desired blur and an artistic abstraction of the scenery. A long enough shutter speed is the key ingredient and allows the camera to paint the photographic object in its abstract form. There will be trial and errors in the beginning and it may take a while to develop your own technique but it certainly provides you with a unique set of photographs and lots of fun. Next time you out and about give it a shot but be aware you might get hooked!

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