May 21, 2014

Boston Sunrise Photography

Monday morning I stepped out of bed in the wee hours and made my way over to one of my favorite Boston Skyline Photography locations; the Boston University bridge which spans over the Mass Pike, a railroad track and the Charles River. I like this location as it provides the photographer with a pristine view of the Charles River banks and the Boston skyline landmarks such as the John Hancock Tower or the Prudential Center.

It turned out to be time well spend. The sunrise was gorgeous providing me with ample lighting and sky colors. Finding a pleasing composition was not an easy task but I settled on a picture that included aforementioned architecture and the famous Citgo Sign on Kendall Square near Boston Fenway Park. Camera equipped with a 24-70mm lens and steady on a tripod I was taking my photographs when suddenly the lights of the Citgo Sign turned on again. Well into sunrise it caught me by surprise but as I was all set up I continued shooting the skyline, delighting to have been at the right place at the right time.

Camera aperture was f/22 providing an exposure time of 6 seconds at ISO100. I purposely underexposed 2/3 of a stop to get a more saturated punch on the orange morning sky. The long exposure time at that time of the day was achieved with a Neutral Density Filter. In addition, a Split Neutral Density Filter helped to overcome the strong contrast between the darker foreground and the bright sunrise sky. During digital post processing I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted contrast, lighting and color saturation before sharpening the final Boston skyline photography image Boston Awakening.

Good light and happy photo making! Juergen

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