Sep 16, 2013

Photography Tip 10 of 12 ~ Start Photographing from a Distance

Insect Macro Photo Tip 10 of 12: Start photographing from a distance to get a shot. Then slowly move in closer for your next picture. Cross your fingers that the insect does not flee the scene. Insects often remain on the spot or return shortly after, thereby allowing for brilliant macro photography images.

Good light and happy photo making! Juergen
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  1. Good tip! And cool example photo.

  2. Thanks so very much for commenting on my insect macro photo tip and photography image Tracie ~ always great fun to put tips together and add a photography image from my gallery to it ~ glad you like both of them and find them helpful! What is your favorite insect ~ do you have any? Happy Monday, Juergen

  3. I think one of the hardest subjects are animals and insects. But it's very tempting, they are just beautiful creatures that need to be shown to most people who don't have all the time to see the nature.

  4. Thanks Mike! Insect Macro Photography has become one of my favorite subjects. As you say it is an entire new world to discover and I am having a blast with it ~ glad you enjoy this photography tip and image! Happy Friday, Juergen Roth