Apr 6, 2013

Brookline Photography Landmarks at Night

In this blog post I compiled some of my hometown Brookline Photography images that I have been taking over the last few years I have been living here. The first picture shows the Brookline Coolidge Corner theater on Harvard Street at Saturday night. The movie theater is an iconic landmark at Coolidge Corner, near the intersection of Beacon Street and Harvard Street, and always a blast for a great movie night out. The surrounding Coolidge Corner restaurants and nearby Washington Square round it all beautiful up with their delicious menus. Brookline is one of the most family friendly neighborhoods in Massachustetts and probably in the Nation. 

The second photograph shows Temple Ohabei Shalom on Beacon Street. It is one of the largest  synagogue in New England and a historical site. It's full beauty is evident all day long but becomes apparent at night.

The last picture shows the Brookline Library at twilight near Brookline Center.


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