Apr 2, 2013

A Long Run to a Healthier Lifestyle

This blog is a bit different and not really related to my usual Photography blog posts and Photo Tips I provided you with over the last few years. I decided to post this as I was taken by surprise the other day when I realized that I ran my last marathon in 2009. I always was under the impression that I ran the Boston Marathon in 2010. I know it's only a year difference one might think but for someone who exercised his entire year it's an eternity and explains why my cholesterol and weight have skyrocketed over the last few years.

I always found long distance running a perfect exercise to stay in shape and clear my mind. Those early morning long runs along the Charles River in Boston were very inspiring and relaxing. Running marathons is very rewarding and I enjoyed each and every single one. The hard training heartily pays off once you pass the supporting and cheering crowds along the roads and definitely when you cross the finish line. I remember when I crossed the finish line of my first one in Burlington, Vermont. I was overcome by emotions, accomplishing a long time goal of mine was simply to overwhelming; great though!

Two weeks ago I decided to get back into the game. Inspired by spring's arrival and the Boston marathon at our doorsteps, I picked up my running shoes and went for a spin around the block. It was fabulous to feel the muscles cramp and  the blood pumping. On the downside I am sure it will be a tough ride after a 4 year break and I am not certain if I still can build up to a full marathon. But that's not really the goal. The ultimate goal is to get back in shape, loose the extra pounds that accumulated over the past years, eat healthy and most importantly stay healthy to enjoy life going forward. The turning point was actually last week when I found out about the disgusting processed food industry practices. I was not aware of the meaning of Artificial Flavors and even Natural Flavor or flavoring and what some of the big companies do. Now I am carefully checking the ingredients of any food I buy. This also means I stopped eating Junk Food and started preparing home cooked meals every single day of the week. Overall a win win situation for me!

In terms of running, I am starting slow and currently striving to get back on a regular running schedule and build up my mileage every week, or so. Last week I did 1.5 miles (yes I am not ashamed to say so) and yesterday I did 2 miles. I felt great this morning and could have easily run longer but I stopped to avoid any sort of injury and set back. Going forward I will be increasing my weekly mileage by 0.5 or 1 mile depending on how I my body feels.

It will be interesting to challenge my personal will power once again. Hope you join me on this trip back to health and keep me motivated by sharing your inspiring stories ~ anything counts if it moves us toward a Healthier Lifestyle ~ doesn't need to be a marathon story, that's just something I enjoyed doing and that I happen to be picking up again.

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