Nov 3, 2012

Who Inspired Ansel Adams?

Riled Up provided me with a guest blog and their own view on this: Ever wondered who might have inspired Ansel Adams, the dean of landscape photography? Was it a cowboy painter like Charles M. Russell, a native American portraitist like Edward Curtis, or a dust-bowl documentarian like Dorothea Lange? Perhaps, but more likely it was a Civil War veteran, Timothy O’Sullivan, who traveled to the “wild west” to photograph the grand landscapes and people of Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico in the 1870’s at the dawn of media technology.

O’Sullivan’s amazing photographs, very modern in their natural composition, directness, and appearance are now the subject of re-discovery. It’s about time!

timothy-o'sullivan-     western-us-map    o'sullivan-mobile-darkroom-carson-sink-nevada

Timothy O’Sullivan c. 1871-74, Western USA, 19th Century, O’Sullivan Photo Processing Wagon.

Read Riled Up's complete story with more Landscape Photos and Background Info.

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(credit: Riled Up)


  1. Love O'Sullivan! What an incredible pioneer in many respects!

  2. Thanks Ellen ... so true what you saying ~ I wish I had more of his spirit! Happy Sunday, Juergen