Sep 15, 2012

Maine Acadia National Park Seacoast Photography

I am always on the lookout for more New England Photos. During my last photography tour to magical Acadia National Park in Maine on Mount Desert Island I decided to capture Otter Cliff. The weather was playing along nicely and it was a beautiful, spectacular sunny morning with fantastic lighting ... everything a photog and outdoor enthusiast can wish for! Witnessing a sunrise is always very special but becomes magical in Acadia National Park. This time I was destined to capture one of these moments with my camera and made my way out to Monument Cove in the early wee hours. I was one with nature and deer were greeting me along the scenic park loop road. I figured somewhere in the woods a moose, black bear or an owl must watch me pass by.

Above and around Monument Cove is a pristine photo location to capture the granite rocky seacoast. The destination provides magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful seacoast that Maine has to offer. Capturing grand coastline and ocean seascape photography images is best achieved with your wide angle lens. After capturing the morning light and views this morning, I opted for a telephoto lens to capture Otter Cliff in a more intimate photography image. Dawn light was in full swing and applying a split Neutral Density Filter diagonal along the coastline allowed me to capture the details of the cliff and trees while not blowing out the beautiful pink sky. The resulting longer exposure time also created a somewhat Silky Water Effect of the Atlantic Ocean in the picture.

Aperture at f/16, combined with an ISO100 setting provided a 1 second exposure time. During post processing I slightly adjusted contrast, lighting, and color saturation before sharpening this final Otter Cliff Seacoast Photography image.

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