Jun 11, 2012

Composing by The Rule of Thirds

When composing an image I often start out applying the "Rule of Thirds". I don't use it as a set rule; more as a guideline or starting point for a more interesting and pleasing photographic composition. In Landscape Photography I like to place the horizon in accordance to the importance of the sky; with dramatic sky formations I like to place the horizon in the lower third giving the sky more preference, for images with stronger foregrounds and weaker cloud or sky formations I prefer to place the horizon in the upper third of the image. Usually locating the horizon in the middle makes a photo ordinary and static. An exception to what I just said here would be a grand landscape lake Reflection. I often apply the same approach to my Flower Photography and lay the focus or point of interest within the flower at one of the four intersections, leaving room for the viewer to explore the image but also to be drawn back to the focus point.

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