Apr 5, 2012

Floral Fine Art Photography Artwork

One thing I enjoy most about The Art of Flower Photography is that I often do not know what I will be capturing with my camera. An Easter lily is a good example, here the white narrow conical throat of its petals with the yellow stamens makes for exceptional abstract flower photography.

Once I start composing and photographing, I move my focus point closer and closer into the flower. The Depth of Field becomes shallower and shallower unleashing the beautiful abstract forms of the petals in the back of this flower. I usually try to keep some reference to a flower by keeping stigma, carpel and stamen out of focus in the foreground of the composition and laying the focus point into the back of the trumpet flower where the stamen come together. In this floral picture I used a macro lens and a correct Exposure was achieved at ISO 50 combined with an aperture setting of f/3.5 that resulted in a 1/8 seconds shutter speed. The large aperture setting and the close distance to the flower parts provided me with the minimal depth of field for what I had in mind. Nature keeps surprising me with its amazing never ending supply of photographic Forms, Textures, and Shapes to explore at my door steps!


  1. A beautiful macro (my favourite type of image!)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment on my flower photography artwork Ruth ... glad you like this abstract of a floral!