Apr 4, 2012

Diamond Rose Flower Photography

Capturing raindrops on flowers has become one of my favorite photography subjects. My preferred locations are the local Minot Rose Garden in Brookline or the Boston Arnold Arboretum. Overcast sky often makes for best macro photography conditions but in this rose flower photography image I dismissed this rule. I was intrigued by the early morning sunlit red rose flower covered with raindrops. The droplets appeared as bright shiny diamonds.

I tried multiple compositions from all angles but settled on a straight on photo that captured most of the petals allowing the background to be blurred out. With the tripod and camera lowered to blossom level, I adjusted the aperture setting to f/7.1 for maximum Depth of Field. ISO 50 setting combined with aforementioned camera aperture setting provided an accelerating shutter speed of 1/640 second. The camera self timer minimized camera shake and enhanced picture quality further. During the post processing process, I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted contrast, lighting, and color saturation before sharpening the final rose flower image of Full Bloom.

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