Feb 27, 2012

Impressionistic Fall Foilage Tree Reflection

Tree Photos in fall foliage peak always make for exceptional photography.  This one is a bit different and I encountered the scenery for this abstract tree fall foliage impression on my last trip to Acadia National Park. While cruising on Route 3 towards the national park excitement was building with every mile I got closer. The rush was suddenly interrupted when I caught sight of this tiny pond with a beautiful autumn reflection right next to the entrance of Hancock Country Bar Harbor airport. I first kept going but then decided to turn around and work the subject. It was late afternoon and the trees were beautifully back-lit. Turned out to be impossible to get a great shot of the trees and their reflections in the pond without the distracting airport in the background. Wind also was an issue and as often in the field became my enemy. Little ripples caused by the wind did not allow for the perfect reflection I had in mind. I was pretty much out of patience when I realized a great potential for an addition to my Impressionistic Photography gallery. I then solely focused on the reflection and its impressionistic impression. A tiny leaf carried by the ripples back and forth provides more interest and a focus point for the viewer.

The Canon EF 27-70mm f/2.8 L USM provided the appropriate crop of the image. I focused on the single leaf and a polarizing filter boosted color saturation. The aperture was set to f/5.6 providing a 1/30 of a second Exposure time at ISO100. During post processing I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast, and color saturation before sharpening the final Reflection Photography image.

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