Sep 18, 2011

Thoughts on Abstract Macro Photography Art

If you look at my photography artwork portfolio, you can tell that I like to photograph everything: landscapes, seascapes, flowers, fall foliage, rushing water, mushrooms, close ups, macros, sports ... the list is endless. One area I fell in love with and focused my efforts on over the past years is macro photography. Close up photography comes with many advantages like keeping traveling expenses low while shooting in your own backyard, local rose garden or arboretum. Lighting is not as critical as it is for your scenic landscape and seascape photography. Overcast is often the best choice for success. In particular I enjoy the intriguing world of flower photography. Discovering the colors, forms and texture within the flowers has become my prime photographic target. Getting in real close and exploring the unknown is a great joy. Creating floral abstracts using the elements of design is truly inspiring and a great creative outlet for me.

Usually, we as photographers strive for sharpness from foreground to horizon within our compositions. I challenged my own quest by moving in closer and using my photographic tools to the fullest. Now-a-days it excites me to work with only millimeters of depth of field. Challenging and stimulating the viewers brain and curiosity is priceless.

Next time you are out and about, give macro photography a try but beware, you may get hooked.