Sep 8, 2011

Natural oil - looks like pollution, but it is not!

I always wondered about the oil film that can be observed between the pond and the upland when exploring the wildlife sanctuary Hall's Pond in Brookline. I remember when I encountered the oil film the first time I was very worried about some kind of pollution but the opposite is true. From the Hall's Pond brochure I quote: This area is a wooded wetland, where trees grow on mounds of soil and water collects during wet seasons. Peat soil lies under the area and as this material decomposes, it releases natural oils as well as nutrients needed by small organisms. This oil on the water may look like pollution, but it is not. After many years of visiting the sanctuary I finally feel that I captured an image that may pay some tribute to the phenomenon. I was enjoying the birds and the view from the viewing platform, but looked down and immediately recognized the potential for exceptional abstract macro photography. I set up my tripod and worked my way closer towards the photographic subject. The final image was taken at ISO100 and an aperture of f/11, providing an exposure time of 1/5 seconds. Personally I love the abstract nature of the image and the glare of the oil. The droplets on the yellow leaves and natural arrangement of them add interest as well. I am very delighted that there is no pollution involved and I am even more inspired to go back and work the subject more ... so stay tuned for the next round!

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