Aug 22, 2011

At the Wildlife Sanctuary Hall's Pond

The other day I made another trip over to the wildlife sanctuary Hall's Pond in Brookline. It is very close to Boston and just a minute from a T-Station. Hall's Pond is an amazing place that provides diverse flora and fauna in the middle of the city. On this summer morning I got up early to visit the pond; Great Blue Heron was in his usual spot, did not see the Black Crowned Night Heron. A Cormorant was on the hunt for its breakfast and red winged blackbirds were singing along.

I walked along the boardwalk enjoying the place all to myself and at one of the overlooks I captured the Heron up close. While strolling along the boardwalk I was able to capture the smirking turtle and got hang up on dragonflies. In all images I used a polarizing filter to saturate colors and eliminate any distracting glare. Lots of fun and good times.


  1. Hi Juergen, Nice post. I love that we have these type of places to go to. Sometimes the backyard just isn't enough and that's if you have one. I love dragonflies. One time I spent a hole day just shooting dragonflies down at our dam. I love your turtle. Thanks for sharing : )
    Regards Coral.

  2. Dragonflies are great to photograph ... I hope to do more and get closer with my camera in the future. Hall's Pond is truly amazing and when I always look for a quick getaway within the city I just pop by there ... always some sort of nature to watch and always great to just enjoy and relax! Thanks for commenting Coral ... greetings, Juergen