Apr 17, 2011

Spring Arrival

The Boston Arnold Arboretum has become one of my prime photo destinations close to home. It provides us with fantastic close up and macro photography objects as well as beautiful landscape and garden photography opportunities when perfectly timed.

I stopped by last Saturday and I did not see much blooming but I will keep monitoring the spring awakening to make sure not to miss the grand show. The photographs shown here were taken last year and some of them I have never shown before. I hope they awake the photographer in you and inspire you to head out into your local arboretum, park, or garden.


  1. Such a joy to come look at your page! It always feels like you're smiling at your readers with such cheerful images...

  2. Thanks a ton for commenting on my spring photography selection Roni ... glad you find them joyful ... what more could I ask for! I always like when my images turn out impressionistic ... glad you like them too!