Apr 30, 2011

Crawling at Little Hunters Beach

Human forms in nature is something I always look for when I head out into the field. It all started in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the last image I stumbled upon is from beautiful Acadia National Park in Maine. This morning I was actually looking to add on to my landscape photography collection when I came across this piece of driftwood that was washed onto Little Hunters Beach. It appeared to have been there for ages. The driftwood had such a human quality to it and I was desperate to capture it. It took me many minutes of circling the object to explore various composition. I tried from above, the side, really low, straight on; in the end I settled on a low and intimate composition that eliminated any distracting background. A tripod allowed me to calmly compose and constantly re-check until I took away the best possible photograph. I laid the focus point on the fork and turned the polarizing filter for maximum impact. Aperture was set to f/7.1 resulting in an exposure time of 1/30 sec. In the digital darkroom I minimally adjusted lighting and color saturation before sharpening.

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