Mar 4, 2011

Spring Messengers

When the cold New England winter comes to an end one of my favorite seasons of the year is about to start. It is the time when I am looking forward to seeing the grass and ground emerge from the white. I always anticipate this exiting and decisive moment when I discover the first crocus blooming. Usually they sprout first at the foundation of the house where the ground warms first. To me, spring conveys a new beginning and celebration of new life. The happy colors of the floral spring messengers immediately wipe away any hard feelings from the winter, leaving me with pure joy and happiness. As last year and the year before, and many years before that I will try again this year to capture my feelings through my lens and hopefully pass the joy and happiness through my photographs.


  1. I look forward to it and what a perfect visual representation of joy.:)

  2. Thank you Roni ... glad you like them! I haven't seen one yet but it's about time after shoveling all that snow for 3 month ...