Jul 17, 2010

Full Bloom Flower Photography

Full Bloom was captured in the Minot Rose Garden of Brookline, MA during an early morning photo trip to the garden. The clouds had left in the morning after a typical overnight summer shower, providing me with great conditions for flower photography. The roses were blanketed in raindrops and the morning sun hit many of the flowers. Full Bloom caught my attention because of the sparkling droplets that were lit by the direct sunlight. It required a couple of attempts to position my camera and tripod in a way that did not produce any kind of shadow on the blooming rose petals that would detract from the beauty of the red rose. I focused on the petals in the center of the rose and positioned the floral a little bit off center. I used center weighted average metering mode that provided an aperture setting of f/7.1 resulting in an exposure time of 1/640 seconds. Because of the sunlight I underexposed by two steps and applied minimal post processing edits like sharpening, dust removal, lighting and colors adjustments.