Jul 5, 2010

Fourth of July

These are two photographs of yesterday's fourth of July cloud formation at sunset. The sky was literally on fire. Lazy me didn't pull out the tripod out of the trunk and rested my camera on the porch railing to minimize the impact of camera shaking. I used auto-focus but had a hard time finding a focus point. The camera was set at about 50mm focal lens to concentrate on the clouds and cut out any trees or houses in the frame. I choose a f/5.6 aperture setting resulting in 1/50 seconds of exposure time. I used the 1/3 underexposed image to work off and applied minor noise reduction, dust removal and sharpening in the post processing steps. The spectacle only lasted a few minutes and afterward my wife and I made our way down to the Charles to watch the real 4th of July fireworks in Boston ... it was amazing as every year!

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