Dec 10, 2009

In Cambridge

A couple of weekends ago, Helen and I took a long walk from Brookline to Cambridge along the Charles river. It was one of these windy beautiful fall mornings in Boston. When she called home to check in, I got my camera ready for shooting leaves blowing in the wind. The leaves were swirling all over the place and I thought it might make for an interesting photograph. I actually had this on my mind for quite some time now but never got around to capturing anything close. I went down on the ground to get a different perspective, zoomed all out to set the lens to its widest wide angle setting, focused on the leaves in front of me and waited for the next wind gust to blow the leaves across the field. Then I waited again and captured the next round of images. At one point the camera view was half covered by a single leaf which made for an interesting capture as well. The one shown here is my favorite photograph of the series because of the minimum depth of field; it is closest what I was hoping to capture with my camera.