Nov 22, 2009

In Central Park

Last summer we spent quite some time in New York's Central Park. On the first morning we got up in the wee hours and waited in line to secure tickets to Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” with Anne Hathaway that night. At around noon we got four tickets and the show that evening in the public theater in New York Central Park was great. The very next morning we met up with our extended family and enjoyed a nice breakfast at a small outdoor cafe near the Central Park Carousel. As a passionate flower and nature photographer I realized the potential of the red and yellow Sneezeweed when we entered the cafe. After enjoying croissants, bagels and coffee with our family I stopped on the way out to capture some photographs. I used the fence to stabilize my camera since I didn't bring my tripod along. The Sneezeweed was in its full glory and it was not too difficult to locate one in front of a full green backdrop. All I had to do was compose my image with little depth of field to blur out background, focus on the petals and click away. The wind that day was quite strong and made it a greater challenge than expected but in the end I captured the photographs I was hoping for. I am very happy with the outcome of these two photographs on the fly.

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