Oct 12, 2009

At White Mountains

Sabbaday Brook is another photograph that I am often suspected of having staged. As discussed with Spiral Rose in an earlier post this is what nature provided me and I was lucky enough to stumble across this incredible setting that day. Call it being in the right place at the right time. The photograph was taken on the way back from the Sabbaday Falls in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The falls turned out to be quite a disappointment or maybe I simply was not inspired to produce something beautiful. On the way back I focused on the the rocks and stream instead and while walking downstream I discovered the setting. I composed the image so that the leaf leads into the photograph and keeps you right there. In order to do so I had to manoveur my tripod set up on other rocks and partly in the brook itself. I balanced myself from the edge of the stream to zoom in and managed to set up my camera including the self timer to limit camera shaking and picture blurryness. Besides the rock and the leaf, the photograph shows Sabbaday brook in the background. The moving stream provides a perfect border and keeps the viewers interest within the photo.

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