Sep 22, 2016

Sunset at Somes Pond near Somesville, ME

On our way to our house that we rented for the duration of our photo tour to Maine Acadia National Park we passed by this gorgeous little pond just off Somesville center. Originally I planned to stop by here in the morning since it looks so Maine when the light paints the wooden shoreline in beautiful hues. 

Sunset is not bad either. Coming back from a long trip and outing at the national park I decided to stop at Somes Pond and wait for the magic hour. So glad I did - the sunset was magical and the clouds turned their best pink. I targeted a reflection of the colorful sky within the near waters as there was not much of an attractive foreground. A split neutral density filter balanced the darker light in front of me and the brighter sky colors.  Feel free to share and like!

Good light and happy photo making!


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