Jul 16, 2014

Behind the Photo of a Slender Spreadwing Damselfly


Last weekend we spent in Maine with family. Sunday morning I had a chance to explore the family garden which was packed with little critters. While photographing insects a Slender Spreadwing damselfly landed on a nearby flower. It is quite amazing how gracious damselflies look when they hang on to a floral. In seconds with tripod and camera in place I switched from landscape to vertical format, manually focused on the the damselfly head and snagged a few pictures. The magnifying feature on my camera allowed me to pin point focus. The camera self timer combined with a tripod minimized camera shake and ensured best image quality. 

During post processing I removed dust sports, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final images of "Damselfly".  

Good light and happy photo making!  


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