Mar 18, 2014

10 Secrets to Higher Quality Photography Art

Photo Tip #1: Use a steady Tripod with a solid Tripod Head or use other supporting gear to minimize camera shake and subsequent picture blurriness.
Photo Tip #2: Utilize a remote or cable release when using a tripod. If none handy use at least the camera self-timer.

Photo Tip #3: Keep your elbows close to your chest to support camera stability when shooting handheld.

Photo Tip #4: Don't use cheap Photo Filters that may compromise the sharpness of your image.

Photo Tip #5: Shoot in continuous mode. Alternatively take lots of photos when conditions are difficult and windy.

Photo Tip #6: Change to manual focus instead of auto-focus when feasible. This allows you to pin point sharpness on the most critical element of your Photo Subject.

Photo Tip #7: Choose correct camera aperture and shutter speed settings. Increase your ISO setting shutter speed is too slow, if needed.

Photo Tip #8: Find your sharp aperture lens f-stop setting. Do some test shots to determine this setting or research on sites like Digital Photography Review.

Photo Tip #9: Carefully use your Noise Reduction software since it may "fix" small details in your pictures.

Photo Tip #10: Sharpen your images in the end of your Digital Post Processing work-flow.

Good light and happy photo making! Juergen

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