Jan 27, 2014

Monday Flower Photo Tip

Set your alarm early as wind is less problematic in the early hours of the day; better light will also be present. Don't be discouraged by wind later in the day and keep shooting for interesting abstract compositions where some blossoms may be in blurred motion while others may be in focus.


Good light and happy photo making! Juergen

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  1. Taking flower photographs is one of my favourite things! I usually go just before dusk, but I shall try taking some in the early morning. :-) x

  2. I love the variety or colors and forms in flowers that make for great photography inspiration and subjects - morning is my preferred time as parks and gardens are quite and calm. I return should try dusk or late afternoon more often - I think both times are great as lighting is most exceptional at those times. Happy day Cassandra, Juergen