Oct 14, 2013

Vermont Moss Glen Waterfall Photography

The other day I did a New England Fall Foliage road trip in Vermont. I picked a classic and followed VT100. Autumn was in full swing and colors were great, almost at peak. Route 100 offers plenty of inspiration and I stopped at multiple locations that provided easy access to roaring brooks and waterfalls, country and farm scenery, lake and pond landscapes surrounded by beautiful foliage in red, yellow and green. One popular destination for the nature and outdoor photographer and tourist alike is Moss Glen waterfalls because it is right off this scenic New England byway. The falls are considered by many the most beautiful in Vermont and one of the best waterfalls in New England. When I stopped overcast sky was dominant which is often great for silky water effects and fall foliage photography; it basically provides a giant nature created softbox that lacks harsh shadows and beautifully enhances colors.  Upon arrival there was a group of photographers present photographing the falls directly from the curbside of Route 100. When I chatted it up a bit with them later, I found out that they were from all parts from the UK and on a 18 day New England photo tour lead by Roger Reynolds, owner of Photoventures. As it was so crowded at the street I decided to explore and photograph the falls right at the pool. To my delight fallen leaves accumulated in the pool and were swirling in a circle at the bottom of the falls. At a low angle I set up tripod and wide angle lens to capture the leaves, pool and parts of the waterfall. A neutral density filter combined with a polarizing filter provided the required long exposure time for the silky water effect and the blurry circling leaves. The polarizing filter boosted colors by eliminating any unwanted glare on wet rocks and leaves. Aperture in this nature photography image was set to f/22 providing a shutter speed of 10 seconds at ISO100.

Once I captured my vision directly at the falls I then started working the scenery from the side of VT100. In this composition I choose to include some of the rocks and the log as foreground features into the composition while capturing the entire beauty of this waterfall. Equipped only with the polarizer filter now, I kept ISO100 for best image quality and varied aperture to control exposure times. In this final image I settled on f/11 providing an exposure time of ½ second.

During post processing I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast, saturation before sharpening the final images of Moss Glenn Waterfalls.

Good light and happy photo making! Happy Day, Juergen

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