Mar 14, 2013

Landscape Photography as Decoration

Landscape and seascape photography is a permanent quest for exceptional lighting and scenery that seems never ending. Here in New England we are often rewarded with special light after those rain and snow storms. Anywhere in the world it is a good time to head out after a storm and take advantage of the amazing lighting condition that occurs after clouds open up and the sun peaks through. In this blog post I share some of my award winning and most favorite photography images that make for beautiful home, studio, restaurant, hotel or office Wall Art Decoration. Additional photo tips and reading can be found in an article at Apogee Photo Magazine: Photographing Light.

"It is the photographing of ordinary things, in extraordinary light, which results in extraordinary photographs" ~ David Young

"To learn the #magic of light, get up before sunrise ... and watch." ~ Ted Grant

"Nothing is repeatable especially the light." ~ Bob Croxford

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