Aug 6, 2012

Bleeding Hearts Flower Photography


Late this spring I made a trip over to the Brookline Minot Rose Garden. I frequently visit this beautiful oasis to capture some of my rose flower images. It was a rainy day and I just needed to get outside taking pictures, getting away from the computer and social networking or marketing my fine art photography online. The rose garden did not turn out a great destination this morning but a garden in the entrance way of a neighboring house was a great find. Bleeding hearts were in full bloom and I noticed them already when I parked the car in front of the beautiful townhouse. Disappointed not be able to capture any magnificent roses that day I was ready when I made a last attempt to get away with a beautiful photograph. The overcast sky beautifully balanced contrast throughout the image. I manually focused and worked multiple perspectives and composition, switching back and fourth between Portrait Style and Landscape Format for my composition. The form and colors of a bleeding heart flower always captivates me and it always amazes what Mother nature provides to us ... we only need to get out of the house, open our eyes and discover it! As most of the times when photographing flowers outside in their natural habitat, wind was a problem. I waited patiently until a breeze past and than released the shutter for multiple images. I used my Gitzo Tripod to maximize image quality and minimize picture blurriness. An ISO 200 setting provided a faster shutter speed thereby further freezing movements of the floral. Camera aperture was set f/5.6 to minimize Depth of Field, resulting in an exposure time of 1/3 of a second. I took about 50 pictures of the bleeding hearts floral this morning until I captured the high quality, sharp, and most beautiful flower photography image I envisioned and aimed for.